Korra sneak peek, tumbr version



A better quality of the Season  3 preview. I couldn’t upload the whole clip because it’s over 5 mins, but I got Leo’s voice.

The person recording it was having raw reactions so she talks/laughs over some of it, but not much.

This was not recorded by me, you can find the whole clip here:


"Tastes like it’s suppose to come out of me, not go into me" = "It tastes like shit"

What the actual F$^&! This is SO cute!

Here’s the youtube link, check them out if you can!




Batman Leo

Da nananana nanana nananana nana because I cannnn!
It felt fitting! XD
And YES, that IS Seth Green’s batman voice!

(Tumblr version)

Trailer for Legend of Korra book 4: Balance (Tumblr version)

I’m going to watch this JUST to see what happened to Toph!