I don’t understand Clara’s issue

Alright, so, I just watched Deep breath and overall I loved it! Amazing effects, Capaldi was amazing, I love all the characters and the end was a crazy cliff hanger.

However, I don’t understand Clara’s issue with ‘not knowing the doctor anymore’ She seemed so surprised and upset when he changed…but, hasn’t she been with the doctor since the beginning? doesn’t she know almost everything there is to know? They show her nudging the first doctor to take the tardis and here and there through out his life. So, why in the hell is she acting like this change is something new?

Sure, 11 was the first Doctor she was actually companions with, but really? This reaction would have fit Amy or Rose or Martha more than Clara. It kind of pissed me off. He is different, but he’s the doctor and she knows he changes and she’s all ‘HAO DU WE CHANGE HIM BAK?!?!111?!?!11’ are you fucking me right now?

I don’t get it, but the rest of the episode is good. Did this bother anyone else?